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Options Made Simpler, Plus, Tips for Getting Started With Our New Interface

Written by The Inspired Investor team  | Published on February 21, 2024

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With options trading now more accessible than ever, a growing number of retail investors are ready to include options as part of their strategy—but they need the right tools and resources.

Welcome to our new, easy-to-use options trading experience, built to help investors execute their trades with ease. In addition to streamlined functionality, the changes will also help investors expand their knowledge.

Let’s be honest, trading options can be complex. Particularly when you first enter the Options world, there’s new lingo to learn and a variety of concepts and approaches to grasp. Simplification is welcome. So, the highlights of our platform’s refresh include an ultra-organized layout; a new leg summary section; and new educational material.

You’ll appreciate how much easier it is to build and execute your trading strategy with new features like the Analyzer page, which gives you a more organized layout for your valuable metrics, along with new educational material related to the strategy you’ve selected.

Whether you’re a seasoned options trader or new to options, here are some tips for getting started with our updated interface:

  • If you’re new to options trading, leverage the Strategy dropdown to select a strategy that will align the options chain with what you’ve chosen. Additionally, delve into details with the Analyze function for a deeper understanding of your strategy before executing a trade.
  • If you’re experienced with options trading and prefer to see the full options chain (both Calls and Puts), navigate to the Strategy dropdown and select “Custom”. This enables the full chain view where you can utilize the Strike dropdown to adjust the number of Strikes visible. Additionally, you can set the “Custom” strategy as your default within the Strategy dropdown to ensure you will always have the full chain experience without needing to make adjustments each time.

Interested in getting started? You can find these improvements under the options tab on the detailed quote page.





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